Pediatric audiology:

A child’s ability to hear can impact his/her ability to learn, to acquire language skills, and to speak. At Blue Ridge Speech and Hearing our audiologist offer comprehensive evaluations and management of hearing loss tailored to your child’s individual needs. Testing will involve developmentally-appropriate behavioral and objective measures.

Behavioral Measures

Behavioral measures record your child’s actions in response to sound. We use behavioral measures to:

  • Determine the presence, type and degree of hearing loss
  • Assess your child’s ability to hear and understand speech information

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)

  • Typically performed between the developmental ages of 6 months to 2 years
    • This test reliably measures your young child’s responsiveness to speech and tones.
      • Tones and speech sounds will be played through speakers and/or earphones. We will teach your child to respond to sound with a head turn to the left or right. We reinforce this response with lighted/animated toys.
Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA)

Typically performed between the developmental ages of 2-4 years

  • This test measures your child’s responsiveness to speech and different sounds. It also measures your child’s ability to understand age-appropriate words.
    • Your child will listen to different tones and will be taught to perform a play task after hearing a sound such as throwing a block into a bucket.

Conventional Audiometry

Typically performed with children developmentally age 5 and older*

  • This test evaluates your child’s hearing sensitivity for speech and tones. It also assesses your child’s ability to understand speech information in various situations.
    • Your child will respond to sounds by pressing a button or raising his or her hand.

Objective Measures

Objective measures record how your child’s ear and/or brain respond to sound.

  • Tympanometry and acoustic reflexes
    • These tests help confirm or rule out problems with the ear drum and middle ear space.
      • We will place a small earphone in your child’s ear canal. The earphone will measure ear drum movement in response to changes in air pressure.
    • Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)
      • This test assesses the function of the hair cells in the inner ear. It is used to screen for significant hearing loss in infants, and to monitor the effects of drugs that can damage hearing.
        • We will ask your child to remain still and quiet for a few minutes. Sounds will be presented through a small earphone and a response from the inner ear is recorded.

Hearing Aid Services

  • Earmold impressions
  • Fitting/Dispensing and programming
  • Verification
  • Repairs
  • Bone anchored hearing device management
  • Fitting and programming
  • Verification
  • Repairs
  • Cochlear implant programming/troubleshooting

Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Center is very passionate about the children and adults we serve.


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