Hearing Aids

Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Center works with multiple hearing aid manufacturers and technologies allowing us to find the best-individualized fit for each of our patients.  BRSH fits hearing devices on children and adults.  We take pride in listening to our patients and their loved ones to find which technology and style may best fit each person’s hearing loss, listening situations, and budget.

Walk-in hours

We offer walk-in hours for Minor clean & checks, tubing, supplies M-Th 1:00-1:45.

What are the advantages of wearing two hearing aids?

  • Safety – When a person hears with only one ear, the difficulty in locating sound can be dangerous, especially in traffic
  • Improved understanding – Wearing a hearing aid in both ears helps you sort out and understand individual voices
  • Wider hearing range – A voice barely heard at 10 feet with one ear can be heard up to 40 feet away with two ears
  • Restful listening – Listening with only one ear is physically tiring and stressful
  • Both ears stay active – When a bilaterally hearing-impaired person wears a hearing aid on only one ear, the unused ear tends to lose its ability to hear and understand
  • Cushions loud sounds – Sudden loud sounds lose much of their jarring effect when divided between two ears
  • Better sound identification – Many noises that sound almost exactly alike when heard with one ear can be identified easily when heard with two ears
  • Smoother tone quality – Binaural hearing generally requires less volume, giving a natural sound to voices and music
  • Hearing from both sides – As nature intended, hearing with both ears allows you to enjoy a more normal social life
  • Hear with less power – Hear more quietly with less background interference

Financing Options

At BRSH we accept most major insurances and we offer financial assistance to individuals without insurance or with insufficient income to cover their care.

Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Center is very passionate about the children and adults we serve.


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